Hidden Tiger

/Developer/Tools/SetFile -a V /dir/path/to/hide/

ERROR: Unexpected Error. (-5000)  on file:

- is Apple's way of saying run SetFile under sudo.

Stupid sudo. 

2 responses to “Hidden Tiger

  1. same as me, Joe B. got it mounting nfs share via directory utility, but it’s invisible. getfileinfo shows it to be have attribute small v, but setfile cannot change it. get the same error: ERROR: Unexpected Error. (-5000) on file.

  2. I am having this trouble on the root of my HD and even running sudo doesn’t work. I am trying to get a directory that I created to show up in the finder, but Leopard keeps it hidden because I have a mount point setup inside. When I “sudo SetFile -a V /dir” it gives me the same error.

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