Bob Brown’s office

Who is running this show? A call for $3850 comes out less than 24 hours before deadline. Surely some NOTICE would get better results? A little PLANNING? Then again, who knows? There’s a lot of leverage to be made from urgency. It’ll probably be a raging success …

Dear friends,

The Olympic torch will make its way through Canberra TOMORROW and it is a chance for us to send a peaceful message of support for human rights in Tibet, following the brutal crackdown by the Chinese military dictatorship in March.

We need your help to skywrite ‘FREE TIBET’ over Parliament House during the torch relay. It will cost $3850 (including carbon offsets).

Please donate now and join the many Australians supporting the people of Tibet and His Holiness the Dalai Lama as the Beijing torch makes its way through Canberra’s streets

DONATE to tell Beijing you support a FREE TIBET!

etc …


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