YA Future of Journalism summit

Trevor Cook via cover it live. http://blogs.crikey.com.au/trevorcook/2008/11/26/future-of-journalism-summit/

Reading through this, looks like old-school journalism needs all the help it can get …

TrevorCook:  Well here we are at another forum on the future of journalism / media etc
TrevorCook:  Personally, I’m not convinced that anyone has too much of an idea about what the future might be, how could we when things are changing
TrevorCook:  Big issue here is about who will fund other people to do journalism; Prof Phil Meyer from North Carolina (on the big screen) reckons maybe charities will do it; some in the audience think public funding here might be the go
TrevorCook:  Margaret Simon (Crikey) is working on setting up a foundation in a university to fund public, or independent, journalism
TrevorCook:  Idea is modelled on some american experiments
TrevorCook:  Meyer also thinks newspapers should focus on local public affairs journalism
TrevorCook:  Simons also says niche media will replace mass media
TrevorCook:  Of course, I reckon, it all depends on whether there is a market for it and if entrepreneurs come forward to exploit these opportunities and perhaps there are easier ways to make money
TrevorCook:  Meyer reckons decline of legacy media and rise of niche media might threaten the consensus that democracy is based on, Simons agrees, I reckon that’s a complete BS argument

Cover It Live replay here


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