To Treat Deficient Qi

Symptoms include lethargy, loose stools, fatigue, weakness, decreased appetite, shortness of breath, and occasionally, cold extremities and frequent urination. 

Signs that your Chinese medicine practitioner will look for include a thin, weak pulse and a tongue that is pale and possibly swollen. 

Western diagnoses: Chronic fatigue, asthma, or urinary incontinence.

Your diet should contain the following
Yes. Half of total calories should come from grains and legumes, a third from vegetables, about 15 percent from meats, but to avoid taxing digestion or building mucus, eat only two to three ounces per serving. Five percent of total calories should come from dairy. Recommended foods include rice or barley broth, garlic, leeks, string beans, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and carrots. 

No. Raw food, salads, fruits, and juices in excess.




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  1. This is a really intnillgeet way to answer the question.

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