La Germania D85C20X

Have to convert from LPG to NG. Kit?

The distributor for LaGermania in North America has gone out of business. However, parts can be ordered directly from the manufacturer in Italy. A contact that worked is:
Daniel Pedrazzini
Customer Support
phone +39 0522 226415
fax +39 0522 226440
Note that shipping will be expensive, but it is still much less than buying a new stove.

Also, I have found a model sold in Australia that is very similar in features to the models that were sold here, with the exception that they don’t have a separate burner lighting button. Here’s a link:

By Author imagephreich Nov 09, 2009
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By avatarphreich Jan 06, 2010

Update: It turns out that Reliable Parts (look them up on the web) can also get these parts for you and it may save on shipping. They are an authorized distributor for Bertazzoni parts, and Bertazzoni is the parent company of La Germania. It will take some time for them to research the parts and get a price as they will have to contact Italy with your model and serial number and get back to you with the part number and price.

Good Luck!


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