DiY vegan dog food ingredients

Cooked mashed squash, sweet potato, broccoli (small amounts only) potato, rice or lentils. Tofu or pasta with tomato (only a very small amount of tomato).

Finely grated fresh greens, carrots and beetroot or sprouts, mix together well, especially with an added whole grain cereal or brown rice. Always cook the grains and rice perhaps with a vegetable stock cube to add flavour. Supreme Gravox is vegetarian that could be added as some flavour.

TVP or Textured vegetable protein or Gluten wheat properly prepared becomes meat like in texture and flavour and dogs love it. Sanitarium have tinned TVP mince, although a bit strong and high in salt, can be mixed with some cooked brown rice or pasta to add to VEGANPET for a nice meal change. They also have BBQ Sasages, Slices of vege roast and vegeburgers (onion free) that can be a nice change, but be aware they are very high in salt so only a small amount.

Fruit should be fed alone before or after the meal because fruit is high in water and is digested rapidly. Favourite fruits are cantaloupe, banana, melons, berries, pear, and any fruit really so long as it is ripened. Try to keep it to one family of fruit at a time. All stones and pips should be removed as many are toxic.

An example of some additives to enhance flavour and add interest to your dog’s food are. Japanese seaweed, veggie bacon bits, and a sprinkle of Brewer’s yeast, Spirilina powder, garlic, soya sauce or tahini and cooked veggie burgers.

Carob is fine for dogs, it contains no theobromine.

Onions and garlic should be used in strict moderation. Legumes can cause some gas and tummy upsets. Broccoli use in small amounts.



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