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Macbook Pro A1278



MacBook Pro possibly undead

After much messing around my Macbook may not be dead. Its symptoms were gray screen on boot. Then occasionally with the flashing HDD icon.

Early attempts to boot from a disc were unsuccessful – until I used 10.6.3 retail.

After booting the OS could not see my HDD. But I knew the HDD wasn’t dead because it would boot OK from an old Macbook.

Therefore it must be the HDD sata cable, which for the mid 2010 13″ model is this: A1278 821-0814-A 09/10/11 922-9062

I won’t really know till I’ve replaced it.

Failing that, something on the board has fried.

Update: It’s alive!

Update 1 month later: Still alive!

Apple warranty AU

(Quote): A win over a corporate giant!!! Just got Apple to extend the warranty on my MacBook Pro from the risible 12 months that was their standard, in keeping with Australian consumer law. So the new motherboard for my 21 month old MBP won’t cost be $1,000, it’ll be free. So if you have an Apple product under 24 months old that needs repair, you just need to know to ask for them to honour the warranty, as they do not volunteer the information. Some links for more info:

(via Harley Stumm)


Download latest bios from vendor Gigabyte.

Use Keka to unpack exe file/s (motherboard_bios_ga-p55m-ud4_f9 and motherboard_bios_ga-p55m-ud4_f11).

From extracted folder copy ‘p55mud4.f9’ and ‘p55mud4.f11’ to a USB key.

Use Q-Flash utility in BIOS to flash .f11 file. If that doesn’t work revert to .f9.

Buggy RAID0

Will arbitrarily unmount itself.

My iBoot discs are giving me kernel panics with the AHCI error.

Download rBoot 1.1:

F12 to boot from CDROM drive.

Error: Can’t find mach_kernel – even though it exists.

Hit TAB @ iBoot prompt: -x -v PCIRootUID=1. Takes me to verbose Safe Boot.

Hit DEL to check out BIOS settings. Set AHCI to IDE to see if AHCI error returns.

No, back to BIOS, reset to AHCI. Also, change First Boot to CDROM.

Upgrade iBoot. Download:

iBook basics:

So, boot from iBoot. No F keys required now that BIOS has been set.

Hit TAB when prompt shows mach_kernel error.

Eject iBoot CD. Insert OSX CD.

Hit F5 after about 10 seconds.

Prompt should now show something like this:

hd(0,2) SSD
en(30,1) Mac OS X Install DVD


Black. Screen. Of. Death.

Trying earlier version of iBoot (NVid) and 10.5.7.

Works! Can now access Utilities.

And the Seagates keep on dying

Two MacBooks, 4 dead Seagate Momentus HHDs in 18 months or so. There is something very wrong with Apple’s design here. They are cooking faster than a burger at the Double Meat Palace! Fortunately the latest one may be under warranty.

Replacement HDD

Installing replaced Seagate hard disk drive. DVD drive refused to recognise Disc 2. Fortunately the external drive was found on USB subsystem. May have something to do with the Apple firmware debacle.

Another dead Seagate

The reference number for your question is ‘080330-000374’.

The reference number for your question is ‘080330-000381’.


Seagate’s data recovery service …

“As a returning defective drive, if the drive is not in a functional state capable of a low-level format, the drive is disassembled and the platters (where the data is stored) are recycled.”

So, the problem with these drives could be that they use continuously recycled parts?


Eastern Time 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday

Telephone Toll Free: 0011-800-5631-1670
Fax Toll Free: 0011-800-6333-3282
Australia Receiving Center
Seagate Recovery Services
Suite V4, Seabridge House
377 Kent Street
Sydney  NSW
2000  Australia

When your MacBook’s crapola HD fails

You might want to read this if a replacement logic board doesn’t get it back:

Nokia 6101i

Can be connected to via PC Suite under Parallels running XP.