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Still accurate even after the NBN!


Human health = planetary health

David Jenkins, creator of glycemic index: “Human health must be linked to planetary health, and how we feed ourselves has a major impact on the planet …”

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Demonic males

There ought to be a law against some Australians breeding.

Arrival scene, Papunya, 1971

‘I introduced myself to a group of drunken, foul-mouthed and violent men who, as I was to learn, were the settlement’s administrators.’ Bardon, Geoffrey, 2005, Papunya: A Place Made After the Story, in ‘Kartiya are like Toyotas‘ by Kim Mahood.

cf: Stirrat, R.L., Mercenaries, Missionaries and Misfits: Representations of Development Personnel.



First day of Spring 2016


Another Sydney

I was reading a recent post on Toby Zoates’s site which gives a great sense of a Sydney that can never again be, the kind of city where a venue like the Gunnery – a waterfront squat! – could exist. Toby mentions the Butchered Babies/Thug gig there in 1987 which brought back memories of a particularly mind blowing performance. What I most remember of that gig was Donato Rosella,  fire-breathing on a unicycle, blowing great plumes of fuel and flame across the room and plowing with menace and abandon into the crowd which was parting this way and that with a very real sense of urgency. And the Butchered Babies, all white costumes, erotic, hair and faces powdered, like diabolical brides. When I think about the kind of city it is now, a non-space of nannies and bullies, I feel grateful to have experienced it as a living breathing place full of desire and possibility.

Fourth-estate election failure

Russell Marks: “most of Australia’s serious journalists were content to take their cues from the politicians themselves. The campaign became an interminable reel of announcements, promises, insults and gaffes, the analysis ungrounded by any overarching political narrative or recollection of the historical record. Senior commentators retreated into analysing how politicians’ particular word constructions would help or hinder their prospects, but this is the job of the comms and PR people in political offices, not of journalists. The fourth-estate media spoke regularly to business lobby groups such as the Business Council of Australia, and treated them as if they were independent economic commentators.”

Polluting is a pretty good racket

3722240_origSo the Queensland Government just bought a cattle ranch for $7 million. That’s all well and good – if it is turned into a nature refuge. The 56,000ha property has been a massive polluter, responsible for generating up to 460,000 tonnes of sludge which oozes its way to the Great Barrier Reef, killing marine life and contributing to the destruction of the world’s largest reef.

So, you can vandalise the environment and run cattle that are shipped live to shithole slaughterhouses only to be sledgehammered to death then get paid handsomely for it. Nice work.

Methods in ethnic diversity

An interesting post from a travel site which asks the question, how do we define an ethnic group?

“Australia, which is famously anti-immigration, ranks close to the bottom at 140th. Interestingly, it ranks higher than 12 European countries, all of which appear in the bottom 20 .


unoccupied white

Voluntary isolation

Some articles from Tipití: Journal of the Society for the Anthropology of Lowland South America.

Ceci N’est Pas un Contacte: the Fetishization of Isolated Indigenous People Along the Peru-Brazil Border

Becoming Tamed. The Meaning of “Becoming Civilized” among the Waorani of Amazonian Ecuador