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Big data leads to social cooling:–truly-chilling-spy-network

Afropunk will make its African homecoming in Johannesburg this year

A short list of Trump related pieces:

A HUGE photograph of all the sad people at the inauguration: CNN

The Wisdom of the Aging Brain

Thomas Piketty: Reflections on Inequality in the 21st Century

Kwame Anthony Appiah: There is no such thing as western civilisation

Science shows that telling small, white lies actually turns us into bigger liars

Is neo-liberalism making us sick?

Dickensian approach to residential tenants lingers in Australian law

Articulating the Anthropological Toolkit to Non-Anthropologists

News is bad for you – and giving up reading it will make you happier

Ethical questions raised in search for Sardinian centenarians’ secrets

Five Mixed Methods for Research in the (Big) Data Age

8 Psychological Tricks of Restaurant Menus

How to Align UX with Product Management

Quick motor vehicle search

Winning elections as easy as ABC

Chapter 1: “Inmates Run This Bitch”

Nietzsche as Political Thinker: in conversation with Maudemarie Clark

Nietzsche as Immoralist: in conversation with Maudemarie Clark

Smarter solar solutions show their incredible power

Edible weeds that are safe to eat and how you can use them

How do children decide what’s fair?

Unthinkable: Is philosophy having an existential crisis

The Slow Death of the University

Every important colonial building in Sydney was placed upon a significant First Nations city site

Johann Sebastian Bach’s tuning

“When I’m sleep deprived, I tend to focus on what is not working rather than what is working” Ariana Huffington

There were 22,482 recorded road deaths in Australia from 2000 to 2014, which was about four each day.–just-like-its-aging-fans/

Two films about the Hungarian punk scene in the 1980s:
T-34 – Le Râle Des Genêts (1983)
East Punk Memories (2012)

Everything ‘is only an object in relation to a subject, an intuition of a beholder, is, in a word, representation.’ Shopenhauer

Mountains folk:
Mt Victoria 823
Blackheath 4,353
Medlow Bath 517
Katoomba 8,016
Leura 4,365
Wentworth Falls 5,934
Bullaburra 1,236
Lawson 2,888
Hazelbrook 4,673
2011 Census