BOOKS & ARTICLES to track down sometime

[an unrevised page]

Lawrence Kaplan & Carol P. Kaplan (2003) Between Ocean and City: The Transformation of Rockaway, New York (->)

Patricia Simpson, ‘Germany and Its Discontents: Die Skeptiker’s Punk Corrective’, The Journal of Popular Culture, 34/3 (2000), pp. 129–140.

Hooton, Earnest A. and Dupertuis, C. Wesley, The Physical Anthropology of Ireland, 1955.

Gelder, Uncanny Australia (1998)

Goodall, Heather, Invasion to Embassy: Land in Aboriginal Politics in NSW, 1770-1972, Sydney, Allen and Unwin, 1996.

Graeber Debt The First 5000 Years

Keen, I. Knowledge and Secrecy in an Aboriginal Religion. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1994.

Keen, I. Aboriginal Economy and Society. Oxford, 2004

Kolakowski, L, Responsibility and History, first published in Nowa Kultura in 1957

McChesney, R, Rich Media, Poor Democracy

Mckenzie, L., Getting by: Estates, Class and Culture in Austerity Britain, 2015

Pignarre and Stengers,  Capitalist Sorcery: Breaking the Spell. Andrew Goffey (Trans.), 2011.

Thomas, M, The Artificial Horizon: Imagining the Blue Mountains, Carlton, 2004

Vivian Sobchack (ed.) The Persistence of History: Cinema, Television and the Modern Event, New York and London: Routledge, 1996

Edmund Burke, A Vindication of Natural Society



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