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Rise of the Planet of the Plant Eaters

A Harvard Magazine piece on research being conducted by PhD Candidate Nina Gheihman, who is looking at the rise of veganism in France and Israel. Her website is here:


Knowing animals

A podcast blog by Siobhan O’Sullivan‏ featuring interviews with academics and animal advocates.

Human health = planetary health

David Jenkins, creator of glycemic index: “Human health must be linked to planetary health, and how we feed ourselves has a major impact on the planet …”

Full article:


Some recent links

Margaret Robinson – Indigenous veganism: Feminist Natives do eat tofu

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Homemade Oat Milk



UC Observer article on veganism

Are vegans right?. By David Macfarlane

Beware: toxic rice!


Rice brands containing heavy metals and other nasties, according to tests done through SBS. Avoid:

MDH (India)

Kohinoor (India)

Indus (Pakistan)


Why I’ll be voting Animal Justice Party

“If you enjoy salami, you’ll get to meet the pigs.”

Richard Di Natale explains to Annabel Crabb what became of his pigs (Teh ABC)

There is no such thing as happy milk

“Like all mammals, cows only produce milk to feed their young. In intensive factory farms farmers use artificial insemination to ensure that cows give birth every year, so they can be milked. In order to give milk dairy cows must be pregnant or lactating continuously.

The calves are taken away from their mothers in their first day of life, because their milk is destined for human consumption. These small babies are distressed by life without the security of their mothers. The cows are also extremely distressed when their maternal instincts are awakened by giving birth can’t be expressed. They bellow for days when their calves are removed.”

Tyrosine revisited

Further to an earlier post:

“Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid. It helps to relay nervous system messages throughout the body, produce melanin, and to make hormones.”

“Seaweed actually contains the highest amount of tyrosine per serving out of all the food groups. A 200 calorie serving of seaweed provides approximately 2,050 milligrams of tyrosine.”

7 healthy sea vegetables:

Kelp, Dulse, Nori, Kombu, Hijiki, Wakame, Arame.

Chris Hedges on becoming vegan

Cow with calf


An article by Chris Hedges in Truthdig from a few months back: Saving the Planet, One Meal at a Time.

We can, by becoming vegan, refuse to be complicit in the torture of billions of animals for corporate profit and can have the well-documented health benefits associated with a plant-based diet …

And a more recent article on the dairy industry: Choosing Life.